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Algorithm Unit
Currency Code Algorithm Unit Monthly rev per unit Rate in Show
Rig price (in case you don't already own a rig) = price of CPU, motherboard, case, etc.
Initial cost = cost of GPU * num of cards + rig price
Monthly ratio = percentage of the revenue that is not taken in account in the "break even" formula. In other words, percentage of "savings".
Coeff = number of months it will take to break even with the initial cost. The lower the better.
Formula for Coeff : $\frac{\text{Init. cost.}}{\text{Revenue} \times (100\% - \text{Monthly ratio})}$

The exchange rates for the cryptocurrencies are fetched each hour from the API.
The exchange rates for the "real" currencies are fetched each hour from

The hashrates for the GPUs are manually fetched and averaged from benchmarks on the Internet. An empty cell in the table indicates a lack of hashrate data.

You can edit the price of a GPU by double-clicking on the price cell. Use the controls at the top right of the page to load and save the preset (your IP is used to store it in the database). The values are not autosaved. Click "Save" to save.

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Card Currency Algo Init. cost. / month * ratio Coeff
Card Price TDP
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